Positive Message Art Gallery

 Limited Edition signed and numbered prints and cards from original works of art.



The book of love



Marketed by Colson Creations.com 


"Peace Balloon"

LIMITED EDITION PRINT: Mounted on matt board, numbered with signed certificate by Sean Colson on the back. Sealed in a clear protective print bag. Exceptionally beautiful, crisp and clean print. $4.00 each.



GOLD LIMITED EDITION PRINT: Same as above, but glitter has been added, giving the print a beautiful sparkle and eye-catching look. Sure to put a sparkle of happiness in anyone's eye! $5.00 each.


CUSTOM INSCRIPTION: Sean will personally inscribe on the back of the print any personal words for a friend, relative, or loved one, in a special style of old-time cursive. You may request up to 10 words. Then, your print is sealed in a clear protective pouch to hold your words, forever personalized to your recipient. $6.00 each.